Our services includes: Architecture, Engineering, Facilities Management, Landscape and Interior Décor. We also offer special services to are customers in the following areas, listed below:

  • Archios Consultants Ltd is an outsourced managed services company specialized in Concept of lean principles to reflect a sound theoretical platform, upon which sound practical applications to resolve inherent problems such as site problems can be developed.
  • We also offer Financial accounting statement and interpretation, Cost-benefit analysis to evaluate different courses of action for investment decisions.
  • Having a wealth of experience in building and designing housing units as outsourced partners for In-depth Associates Ltd, we have now extended our service offerings to providing
    • Critical Path Management (CPM)
    • Work Breakdown structure (WBS)
    • The Project Evaluation and Review Technique (PERT)
    • Resource Mapping and Levelling
    • Construction Planning
    • Programming, Quality Assurance (QA) Budgeting System (PPBS)
    • Technical Data Management (TDM)


Our joy at ACL is using architectural design to turn your dreams into reality. Whether it’s designing a brand new, individual home, commercial facility right and public facility from the ground up or extending or adapting your present structure with a loft, rear, side or basement extension, we can help you.

We provides professional services in the private and public sectors including healthcare and education providers, corporations, developers and hoteliers.

Our Design process starts with listening and understanding what our clients want. Before we imagine, we interact. Every concept we develop is not just from ACL; it is from the collective minds of ACL and our clients, that is why our designs always give a unique spark.

Archios Architecture Design


Whether you’re looking for basic advice or a complex assessment, a partner or a leader, inspiration or the total solution; ACL has the breadth, skill, scale and experience to meet and exceed your expectations.

Our experiences in engineering gives us the ability to carefully tailor our services to the client requirements, to understand the need and budgets of the project and to implement the most appropriate solution.

Civil Engineering
Facility Management Indoor Services

Facilities Management

Unlike other facilities management providers, our focus remains on the certainty of your property’s statutory compliance and business continuity. We offer our clients timely, accountable and cost effective integrated Facilities Management

ACL team are here to assist you with all your property maintenance issues, from creating great environments, resulting in better client retention and increased occupancy levels to providing exemplary customer service.

Our staff are encouraged to go the extra mile with a friendly, professional and reassuring approach. We ensure the jobs get done quickly, cost effectively and that they conform to the latest construction regulations.

We always look to work in partnership with clients to improve the experience of your tenants and quality of your buildings.

Why us?

  • Time saving
  • Open point of contact
  • Reduced administration
  • Better control
  • Professional and trained support team

Landscape & Interior Décor

ACL believes that exterior home design such as Landscape design is as important as the interior because it is the first impression your visitors get when they enter your home, company and other facilities you own. Landscape design give your Company/home a unique and lively atmosphere and complete the overall design of the building expecially the interior décor.

We have professional Interior & landscape designers who works creatively to develop original and varying interior & landscape designs for you to choose from for your building projects. We do not only give the best landscape & interior designs and ideas in Nigeria but also work day and night to make sure that the project is perfection and client objectives are met. Archios Consultants Limited has already serviced and provided landscape (Exterior) & Interior Décor consultancy to clients from all over the Nigeria and are still working hard to extend our reach beyond Nigeria.

Archios Interior Decor
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